Ricky Did What?!?!

In class on Monday mornings we always share some good things that happened over the weekend. While some often have something they really want to tell, but frequently a guy can’t think of anything to talk about!

But after hearing some of the things others say, they’re reminded of something for which they, too, can be thankful. It’s a regular exercise in gratitude!

So this morning, Ricky, one of the new guys couldn’t wait to share. He’d been here before and had put together some clean time in the past. But he relapsed and came back here to regroup his life.

Ricky said an overnight guest at Helping Up Mission handed him a roll of dollar bills Saturday night and asked him to hold it while he went to take a shower and get cleaned up. As far as Rickey knew, they had never met before!

When the man disappeared around the corner Ricky started thinking…you can only imagine what! But when the man came back later, there was Ricky and all his money.

This morning Ricky was pretty proud of himself. He did not break the man’s trust. In fact, he didn’t even have a strong desire to run out with his money. Ricky decided he’s working on something these days and it felt great!.

So, I have a couple of thoughts…
1.  Ricky did put his big-boy pants on that day and did grown-up stuff!
2.  We need to look at our policies on handling things with our overnight guests!
3.  They never met before…Ricky hasn’t seen him since…isn’t there something in the Bible about us showing hospitality to angels without knowing it (Hebrews 13:2)?

For all the reasons above, I’m sure glad Ricky did what he did!

It really is just one day at a time!
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director