Running Men!

Danny and John are two very different guys. John’s loud and Danny’s very quiet. John’s also about a foot taller and weighs almost twice as much as Danny!

But both arrived at Helping Up Mission about the same time with out of control chemical addictions. Both guys also got serious about their recovery and have worked at making good choices.

As part of their recovery plan, both John and Danny decided they wanted to join our HUM Back on My Feet running team ( Both were accepted and being part of the team has been a great experience for each one.

They’ve been running regularly with the other BOMF folks 3 times every week and in the process made some good friends. When both of them got to the point in our program that they could go back to work in the community again, someone in BOMF gave them a connection to one of the large hotel chains in the city.

John and Danny both filled out applications online, got interviews and both were hired! Working for over a month now, they’re both also very pleased and grateful.

I ran into Danny the other day and he told me the story. I’m so happy for them and am really appreciative of our BoMF friends (their Baltimore Office is located on our campus!).

Next step for John and Danny? Graduate together from our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program in 4 months!

Still One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director