He Didn’t Quit Drinking – Just Quit Driving…For 28 Years!

Over 28 years ago Earl lost his driver’s license to three DUIs and three Driving Without a License convictions. He’d also have to pay a $1,000 fine to get his license back.

But Earl didn’t decide to stop drinking — he just decided to stop driving…now going on 29 years!

So he drank until arriving here 10 months ago. Over these 28 years he did not created any wreckage on the highways, but Earl did managed to pile up quite a bit of collateral damage in family, relationships and on the job!

He arrived at Helping Up Mission, 54 year old and looking for something. A smart man with good experience and skills in his career field, he just couldn’t – actually, just didn’t want to(!) – stop drinking!

So, clean and focused in his thinking halfway through our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program, Earl begins to wonder if it might be possible to get his license back. He formulated a plan of action and wrote a letter to the judge.

He explained where he is now and what he’s doing. Earl also asked what he might do to get his license back and was there anything that could be done to reduce his fine.

He received a letter back 10 days later. The fine was cancelled out and he only had to do some minimal MVA requirements.

Earl’s met all the requirements and should have his driver’s license again sometime next week! License back in November, graduation from HUM in December – it’s been a pretty good year for Earl!

One Year at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director