Just Be A Grandfather To My Children!

Antonio, 54, has struggled with alcohol for decades. Consequently, he’s missed out on a lot of important events and meaningful relationships.

He has a 24-year old daughter who really doesn’t know him. Antonio admits he can’t remember ever spending more than 30 minutes with her at one time. He was always making excuses for why he couldn’t stay – or even be there, at all. He hadn’t even seen her the past 3 years!

So it might be a surprise to know that after arriving at Helping Up Mission, joining our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program, getting clean and thinking clearly again, one of the first things Antonio wanted to do was attempt to reconnect with his daughter.

He contacted her and she was willing to meet. Antonio shared honestly about his addiction. Sometimes he was just too preoccupied with alcohol to get with her and other times he was too ashamed to even try.

She heard him, accepted his sincere words and they started a new relationship. They were together this past weekend and had a nice time, including going to his church.

She told him that he didn’t need to try to and make anything up to her for all those years he missed. But she did say, “If you want to do something, just be a real grandfather to my children.”

It’s so wonderful when guys can get honest, admit their past and commit to a new future. It’s even better when loved ones are willing to forget the past, accept us like we are and focus on a new future with us!

One Generation at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director