October 2014 Executive Director Update

Dear Friends,

For over 20 years, I’ve observed the struggles of the men in our programs. It seems clear to me that when life isn’t working our souls find ways to compensate. Often times, the compensation measures become destructive addictions that seem to work on the short term but in the end bring us an even greater feeling of lifelessness.

Many people reach out for chemicals to medicate the pain of their mental and spiritual anguish.

Unfortunately, life turns into a relationship with chemicals. Over time the relationship becomes all consuming. There is no longer time for anything but chasing after drugs.

The rewards of such a pursuit are poverty, homelessness, crime, jail, physical and mental illness, loss of all meaningful relationships, and ending in total despair.

But thanks to you, and our huge HUM family, we can offer hope through programs that address the individual’s physical, psychological, spiritual and social needs.

Addressing the needs of the whole person (body, mind and spirit) brings new life to men like Tyrone in our feature story.

Thank you for your gifts of prayer, finances, talent and time. Without your regular monthly help, 500 men presently in our programs would be left to wallow in despair. Thanks to you, the men who show up here at HUM every day are given the opportunity to have a reasonably happy fulfilling life without drugs.

Bob Gehman