Proverb for the Day 7:11-12 — Unruly & Defiant!

(She is unruly and defiant, her feet never stay at home; now in the street, now in the squares, at every corner she lurks.)

These two verses are part of a long climatic poem (:6-27) of fatherly advice (:1) about involvement with an immoral woman (:5 – “adulterous woman,” “wayward wife”).

Verse 10 describes her as having inappropriate motives and dressed as a prostitute heading out. This wise saying just might not end well (see :24-27)!

With no punctuation in the original Hebrew text, the NIV makes these two verses a parenthetical clause further describing this woman. The first two things are that she is “unruly” and “defiant.”

“Unruly” is often translated “loud.” Either way, she’s noisy! But it might be appropriate to ask “why?”

Her “noise” may be because she’s “defiant.” But, being mentioned first, could it be more about some struggles or personal pain in her life?

The inability to address such personal struggles can be debilitating. It’s a major contributor to inappropriate behaviors in the lives of guys here at Helping Up Mission.

But this lady’s also “defiant,” stubborn or rebellious. Sadly, it’s so hard to do good things when our hearts are so full of bad attitudes and motives.

Consequently, she doesn’t “stay at home” but spends her evenings in the “street,” “squares” and “at every corner” (:9) in the city…not good! But even worse, she’s “lurking” or lying in wait – literally planning an “ambush!”

Whether it’s, in my pain, misery loves company or other motivations – there she is. While the young man in the story (:7) is a victim, she may be one, herself, trapped in her own personal turmoil.

Life’s hard enough when we have a good attitude. But when we’re thinking and feeling like she is, bad things will happen.

We really do need to deal with our feelings and emotions. It’s my call…a one day at a time choice!