She Always Pays!

On Mondays in class we share good news from our weekends. Kenneth shared about another weekend date with his daughter. He’s been at Helping Up Mission a couple of times before, so I have come to know Kenneth a bit.

He’s a nice thoughtful guy – when he’s not using drugs! In and out of recovery for a couple of decades, it’s not always easy to know which Kenneth you’d be dealing with! In spite of his shortcomings, Kenneth’s daughter, 18, still loves him and appreciates these weekend times together.

As a member of our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program, he’s not yet eligible to go back to work in the community. But his daughter has a job and when they meet every weekend she treats dad to dinner.

This last week Kenneth helped a friend out with a project and made a few dollars. So on their date this weekend, when it was time to pay at the restaurant, he pulled out his money and paid.

As Kenneth shared his story in class you could see it in his face. He loves his daughter and knows she loves him. And he was really pleased to be able to treat her for dinner!

One Dinner Date with Dad at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director