S’up Chuck?

Chuck spent 29 years using chemicals. But he also had a loving mother who, one day, lovingly put his out of her house!

He knew about Helping Up Mission and a buddy dropped him at our front door the next day at 6AM — and then drove off. Chuck was now officially on his own!

That was one year ago and Chuck was accepted into our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program. He showed up in my class and was obviously very bright. He also talked and talked…and talked and talked!

Turned out his mind was racing as fast as his mouth! I’m no psychologist (although my son once played a Dr on TV!) but Chuck sure seemed to exhibit manic behaviors…and I just knew he wouldn’t last!

But he really wanted to do different and feel better, so Chuck worked on his issues. A couple of counselors from community partner organizations working on our campus also made significant investments in Chuck’s recovery.

Of course, our staff helped, too…and put up with quite a bit of craziness! But, as he stayed, week by week, Chuck started getting better. No drugs, alcohol or even medications — I could see and hear the change…and it was like a miracle!

It’s now been over a year and Chuck graduated last week. I guess his mind still races a bit, but his mouth has really slowed down. He’s decided to sit still a while, work as a Graduate Intern here and live in on-campus Graduate Transitional Housing.

Chuck’s not sure what’s next in the plan, but he’s willing to either wait or ready to step out. He just knows that God knows best…and that his momma still loves him!

One Guy at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director