Chef Pants Are REALLY Cooking Now! No, I Mean Really!

First I told you about Brandon and his culinary school training (“Chef Pants” 10/28 blog). Two weeks later, I shared with you that he was awarded the school’s one special annual scholarship for this year (“Chef Pants Are On Fire” 11/12 blog).

But the brother’s REALLY cooking now! I mean really!

Last week Brandon showed me a photo someone took of him as he addressed 400 people at a Back on My Feet (BoMF) Bash – their annual fundraising banquet at the Marriott here in downtown Baltimore. The Baltimore branch of the national BoMF has been working with the men of HUM since they started here in our city. In fact, their Baltimore office is located on our HUM campus.

Brandon’s been running with them for over a year and they are an important part of his recovery network. They asked him to share his story that night to illustrate some of the great things that are happening in BoMF here in Baltimore.

After the event was over that night, the Marriott folks offered Brandon an opportunity to work in their kitchen. He interviewed two days later and got the job!

At the banquet that night, the BoMF folks encouraged Brandon to share as part of his story how he self-conscious he feels about his teeth and his smile. So after meeting with the Marriott folks, another man walked up to him and quietly said, “God told me to do something for you.”

Two days later – same day as the interview – Brandon got word that this man made all the arrangements to take care of his teeth.

Brandon is humbled and grateful. He’s also committed to staying the course…

…One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director