Don Made A List!

When he arrived here 10 months ago to join our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program, Don was a serious, focused, quiet yet articulate young man. At 31, he really wanted to get this recovery thing right.

After his first month, Don came up after class and shared his passion for God and life with me. Then he handed me a list of goals he’d made for himself.

His hand-written list totaled 25 personal attitudes, commitments, relationships, educational, vocational and financial goals – all encompassed within a vibrant spiritual life.

Then Don asked me to pray with him that these things would come true in his life! Of course, I was glad to pray with him – and did.

But I will admit I thought this ambitious list was just another example of a well-meaning new guy who wants it all now that he’s in recovery. Still…I did kept his list on my desk!

So I watched Don as he stayed the course and navigated his way through the program. He was doing good work and was given greater opportunity and responsibility.

Then a couple of weeks ago, Don stopped me outside my classroom and asked, “Do you remember that list I gave you when I was new here?”

I said I did. Then, with great joy, Don said, “I just wanted you to know that virtually everything I wrote down has come true in my life these past 10 months. It’s like a miracle!”

While everything hasn’t come to full fruition yet, it’s all in play and Don is so grateful and really excited. The most recent part includes him being a brand new employee at a job and in a field he really wanted.

Man, I love my job!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director