Getting High John, Enabling Mom & Tough Love Sis!

John, 47, has supportive family who really cares about him. But mom’s care looked like a lot like enabling and his sister’s looked a lot like tough love. Still, John knew he was loved.

Unfortunately mom and sis’s different views of loving John hindered their own relationship. Sis thought mom favored John, felt disrespected and stayed away.

Of course, John’s own behavior caused it all and he knew it. But he wanted what he wanted and just couldn’t stop himself.

Over the last couple decades, John’s been in and out of a dozen rehab program – but he just couldn’t get any real traction. An intelligent thoughtful guy, he arrived at Helping Up Mission for our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program 60 days ago.

Now off restriction, both mom and sis are pretty amazed at the guy John is becoming. Sis couldn’t believe he’s stayed this long and he hasn’t asked mom for anything, yet! In fact, his change in behavior has facilitated a change in all their relationships.

John decided it was time to try a weekend at mom’s house. When he arrived a really funny feeling came over him. For years, whenever he went to mom’s house he always left with something – frequently taken without asking!

But this time he didn’t want to either get high or steal anything. It was a very familiar environment, but very unfamiliar emotions.

John realized that things which used to be important to him didn’t mean that much anymore. It’s like a miracle – John felt it, mom and sis could see it!

Well, it was a miracle. Spiritual Recovery really does work…

…One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director