Young, Quiet, Cynical Sam!

Sam, in his mid-20’s, has struggled with addiction for a decade. Having sabotaged virtually all his meaningful relationships, he’d been living on the streets.

Hearing about Helping Up Mission, Sam decided it would be a good idea to try something different and joined our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program. I remember the day he arrived – rainy and cool – and Sam was genuinely thankful to be here.

Very bright, very quiet and quite cynical, Sam said little in class and generally kept to himself. But periodically he’d come and talk with me – sort of a check-in to let me know how it was going. While things were never perfect, this young cynic didn’t forget where he came from and always expressed gratitude for what he had.

At the point in our Program when he was eligible to go to work, Sam got a job in his field. But he continues to come by and let me know how things were going.

He stopped this week and, with a genuine smile, announced, “The six months since I arrived at Helping Up Mission have been the best six months in my life.” Sam loves his job and feels real good about himself these days.

He noted that those he hangs out with here at HUM are pretty positive guys, a lot more positive than most of the people he deals with at work every day. But the amazing thing is that these same people regularly tell Sam that he’s the most positive person they know!

Our quiet young cynic is really just an honest realist that understands who he is today and appreciates what he has under God. Sam’s loving life and is actually making his corner of the world just a little brighter!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director