Been 15 Years Since He’s Seen His Daughter…& She Showed Up Here!

On Mondays in class we share good things from our weekends. With the Thanksgiving holiday included, we had a lot more good stuff to tell!

Scotty’s been struggling with alcohol for decades. I never knew that guy, but the Scotty I met here was one who really seemed ready to change!

Arriving here over two months ago, Scotty’s staying the course and working on his recovery every day. It’s making a difference and others can see it.

But his addiction has left him without family around – and for years that was fine with him! But the new Scotty cares about some meaningful contact with loved ones these days.

His daughter, 25, presently serves in the United States Armed Forces. They’ve kept in touch by texting in recent years – but that’s as close as it got. They haven’t seen each other in 15 years!

Since she was 10, they haven’t been in the same place together – sometimes it was Scotty, sometimes it was her. But in recent years his daughter hasn’t been interested in face-to-face contact.

So he was pretty surprised to have her tell him that she wanted to stop here at Helping Up Mission on Friday after Thanksgiving.

I asked him why she wanted to meet now and he really didn’t know why – and didn’t care. He was just so pleased that she wanted to see him for the first time in 15 years!

She drove here from Pennsylvania and they met and talked here on campus – for about an hour. It was a meaningful time for dad.

He didn’t share with us what they talked about, but he did say that she told him she’ll be back!

Scotty’s a glad dad…with another really good reason to continue working on his recovery!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director