Proverb for the Day 11:6 — Delivered Or Trapped…By My Own Thinking!

The righteousness of the upright delivers them, but the unfaithful are trapped by evil desires.
This proverb discusses two contrasting characters – “the upright” and “the unfaithful.” Here we read the result – benefits and consequences – of being either one.
“The upright” are those who are straightforward and on the level in their thinking and dealings. Their “righteousness” – or the daily practice of their good thinking and deeds – will “deliver” or “rescue” them. 
The appropriate and upright manner of their motive and actions will just naturally keep them from difficult situations. But God – who’s not mentioned in the verse – will honor the faithfulness of these folks and will also intervene in their lives as necessary. Sounds like a pretty good way to go!
On the other hand, “the unfaithful” are those who can’t be trusted. They’re “deceitful” to others, even “betraying” them. Not surprising, their MO (modus operandi) is to live and operate on the basis of “evil desires.” 
Their attitudes are selfish and hurtful to others. Yet, in the end, these same attitudes that will eventually turn back on them and “the unfaithful” wind up “trapping” themselves.
Caught in their own trap – great shades of Wile E Coyote!