Thankful Mattthew at Thanksgiving!

Last week, I saw Matthew on the street outside Helping Up Mission. We first met when he arrived here for our 12-month residential Spiritual Program in September 2012, after a decade of drug addiction.

Bright and capable, at 29, Matthew was just not able to stay clean long enough to keep a career going. So, when he arrived here, no one who knew him was very optimistic.

But he was tired of living this way and wanted to change. So he started working on more than just stopping drugs.

Matthew met with our counselors on the issues which caused him to continue using. He also began doing other positive things with his time.

He joined the HUM running and softball teams and Back on My Feet of Baltimore (BoMF). Then Matthew joined a gym and was back doing things again which used to matter to him. Family and friends began to believe this was a new Matthew.

Matthew graduated from our Spiritual Recovery Program in September 2013. He went to work at a local business and started living off campus in the community.

In November 2013, he was given the opportunity for the best job of his life. He’s been there a year now and, when we talked, Matthew said he was made for this job and loves it!

In September this year, Matthew married a young lady he met through BoMF. They still live nearby and Matthew comes back to here regularly to lead recovery meetings with the guys.

I asked if, two months later, he was still happily married and Matthew replied in the affirmative! He talked about his gratitude to God and HUM for all that’s happened in his life.

Matthew’s one thankful guy this Thanksgiving week. And he sure made my day!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director