Those Pills Gave Jay Lots More Confidence & Energy!

Jay’s a husband and father of five in Ohio. They owned their own home and he had a 14-year career with a good company, working as foreman of a office-interiors construction crew. There was only one big and noticeable difficulty – Jay had an alcohol problem.

After an ultimatum from his wife, Jay chose to quit drinking. He also started some healthy activities he hadn’t done in years. Things starting looking up.

But, playing soccer, Jay broke his foot. By the second refill of painkillers he was hooked and he soon found that drugs on the street were cheaper and simpler to obtain than trying to keep getting a scrip refilled.

For Jay, those pills not only took away pain, but also gave him more confidence and energy. Seemed like a great way to live!

His new addiction was much worse than his old one and Jay’s career and family suffered. But he kept going, until the night he was high and had an automobile accident with his 13-year old daughter in the car.

It was a moment of clarity and Jay called his brother in the Baltimore area. Jay was finally willing to try that place he’d been recommending for years – Helping Up Mission.

Jay arrived here last spring and found our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program helpful, but he still wasn’t quite ready. He used again and had to leave here…but returned the day first day he was eligible! It’s been over 4 months this time.

His wife’s been supportive, but things are tough back home and the family’s struggling. Jay has to live with the consequences of his choices, but looks forward to going back to work and sending money home.

Won’t be easy, but one day at a time is how he’ll get it done.

One Family at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director