Proverb for the Day 20:13 — GET UP!!!

Do not love sleep or you will grow poor; stay awake and you will have food to spare.

A common theme in Proverbs, this verse is about laziness. It’s message is simple – “get up and go to work!”

“Love sleep…grow poor” is a concept almost all of us understand. While everyone can appreciate a good sleep, if we’re ever going to do anything or have anything, we’re just going to have to wake up and do something.

“Stay awake and you will have food to spare” is also something we understand. But we know “food to spare” isn’t automatically our birthright and it won’t magically appear.

So, now that we’re awake, we’re supposed to do something constructive – something that will produce. We may or may not be entrepreneurs, but we can all work hard and steady.

This is not a verse about getting rich or being important. But it is about doing the right things and ending up okay.

It’s a wise saying because it’s a basic truth about life. And, then, beyond all that…there is God – who loves us and watches our back!