Twenty Straight Birthdays Incarcerated or High!

Chemicals have been a regular part of Arnie’s life for a couple of decades. They’ve kept him from holding jobs very long and kept him in jails for very long! The drugs also took a toll on his health, relationships and self-esteem.

He’d heard about Helping Up Mission both inside and outside of jail and finally joined our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program 3 months ago. While Arnie settled in pretty well, he doesn’t actually say much in class. But we talk privately after class quite a bit.

One day this week he told me he was turning 50 the next day. I congratulated him and asked if he ever thought he’d make it to 50?

Arnie gave me a serious look and said, “This will be the first birthday in 20 years that I haven’t been locked up or high!”

He seemed to be so pleased to be able to say that! Arnie also had a great plan to be with appropriate people doing appropriate things to celebrate.

While he’s spent almost half his life struggling with his addiction, he doesn’t have to keep living that way. Hopefully, this new way of thinking will catch on – maybe 20 years doing it this way!

It will only happen…one day at a time!
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director