“You’ve Been Worrying Momma To Death!”

Doug’s a new guy here – just his second week. In his 40’s, he’s spent over 2 decades in addiction with intermittent periods of clean time.

While chemicals have consistently impacted his life for 23 years, when he’s been clean, Doug’s done some good things – even working with others struggling in addiction. But, eventually, life shows up… again…and Doug uses again.

Like it is for all new guys here, Doug’s on restriction to the campus and not allowed visits for the first couple of weeks. It’s a time for guys to focus on themselves with minimal distractions.

But family will stop by with clothes, toiletries or cigarettes(!) for them and we let them have a couple minutes to talk. Doug’s brother and sister came by with some things for him last weekend.

At 6’5″ Doug’s easy to spot here at HUM – and when his brother came in the door, no one asked whose things he was bringing! It was a wonderful surprise for Doug to see them, let alone to talk for a few minutes.

But he got an even bigger surprise when his “little” brother – just a bit shorter but 75 pounds heavier – gave Doug a big hug. His bro’s never been the hugging type, so Doug asked him what’s up.

I’m just so glad you’re here! You’ve been worrying momma to death!”

Doug shared this story in class this week. He knows he has to do his recovery for himself. But he knows there’s some other pretty good reasons to stay the course, as well!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director