Fall Retreat At Camp Wabanna

Thanks to funding from the Reval Foundation as well as our partnership with Camp Wabanna, HUM was able to host it’s first retreat for program members.  This fall, 45 upperclassmen members of the Spiritual Recovery Program were able to attend a 2 day retreat at Camp Wabanna in Edgewater, MD.

Organized by HUM Spiritual Life Director, Mike Rallo, the focus of the retreat was on having a proper perspective on life.  In addition to times of recreation and reflection, the men heard from HUM staff members who came to share their personal stories.

The retreat was an opportunity for the men to get away from the city and enjoy some refreshing outdoor time.  They were able to get away from their daily schedule and routine and have personal time to think and reflect on their life and their recovery.

“When the men returned from the retreat, the were excited to tell me how good it was for them to get away,” said HUM Deputy Director, Gary Byers.  “They especially appreciated the opportunity to interact with staff members away from campus and to hear their stories.  It really challenged them.”