Five ODs & The Last One Got Him…For The Good!

Arnold’s been in Helping Up Mission’s 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program for 6 months. Born and raised in Baltimore, he spend 50 years as a heroin addict – until 6 months ago. Arnold’s 73 years old!

Brought up in church, he dropped out of school in the 4th grade and started working in the neighborhood. By his mid-teens Arnold started using – but also never forgot what he learned in church. He would still regularly say his prayers.

Arnold couldn’t stop, but wanted to…his body was wracked with pain and disease. He had children, grandchildren, even great grandchildren – but stayed away from them all because of his shame.

Finally, after 50 years and 5 overdoses, Jesus answered his prayers in a way Arnold could clearly understand. With OD #5 he almost died…and he saw the Light!

For the first time in 50 years Arnold was ready to be different and came to Helping Up Mission right from the hospital. He appreciates the spiritual aspects of our program because he knows Jesus is the One who helped him.

After all he’s been through, Arnold looks incredibly healthy and strong. He even lifts weights regularly in our fitness room!

While never earning his high school diploma, Arnold still decided he wants to read and write better. He goes to our Innovative Learning Center on campus every week and is genuinely excited about developing his skills.

In fact, first thing on Monday, Arnold was beaming as he brought me his story – in print! I really love my job and Arnold is just another example why.

BTW, Arnold’s not the oldest guy in our 12-month Program. 75-year old Paul graduates from here tomorrow!

Feeling Like a Kid at Just 63!
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director