An Addict Alcoholic Prayer Meeting!

Drug use is currently a hot topic in our community and folks are now familiar with the statistic suggesting 60,000 heroin users in Baltimore.

Here at Helping Up Mission heroin is a close second to alcohol as “drug of choice” among our current clients. Cocaine’s a distant third.

Averaging almost 40 years old, close to 3 years of incarceration and nearly 18 years of active addiction, many of our clients grew up in the drug culture, lived through it and, unfortunately, sometimes passed it along to their children.

But we don’t have to live that way anymore!

Donald’s now in our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program a second time. Here in 2013, he conscientiously worked on his issues and applied himself to become a different man.

He made good progress and, when eligible to go back to work, Donald did. A chef, now clean with a good job again, he decided he should move back home with his mother who was also caring for Donald’s 9-year old son.

Sounding like a good idea at the time…after a few months life showed up again and he relapsed. After struggling another 6 months, Donald understood he wasn’t doing his mother or son any good and came back to HUM.

Humbled by his human frailties, Donald refocused his efforts of getting his recovery back on track. That meant a conscious decision to deepen his spiritual walk.

With support from HUM staff, Donald started a prayer meeting for the guys here. It’s been impactful. Some need prayer, some want to pray, some are just on the outside watching – but guys seeing other guys pray and get answers is powerful.

It’s a wonderful truth – anyone who needs help can turn to God and find answers. It happens here – every day – at HUM.

I love my job!
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director