Bob, Martin, Will, James…& Jimmy!

Jimmy graduated from HUM in 2011 and did pretty well with his recovery for a while. But eventually things started creeping back into his life and he relapsed.

He wound up back here a month ago and couldn’t quite understand what went wrong.

In class last Friday, Will and Martin shared their stories. Both joined our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program 2 years ago that day.

They graduated together 1 year later and then joined our staff…together! Each told of his own spiritual journey, including overcoming their addictions – heroin for one, alcohol for the other.

Then James stopped by class to make an announcement. I had him share how he came here 10 years ago…got clean from cocaine…and also joined our staff.

HUM Executive Director Bob Gehman was also with me on Friday and offered some closing insights for us all. It was a meaningful time!

After class, Jimmy came and told me how he’d asked God for some insights into his own situation earlier that morning – and God had come through!

Listening to what was said, Jimmy was able to see how he’d allowed other things – good responsible adult activities – to get in the way of his recovery. In the end he lost everything!

But he was feeling good this morning – because he’d received some insights and could see some of the purpose and value in his experience.

Jimmy’s on his way back and we’re all very happy for him. We also know how it will work for him…

…One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director