Edwin — What You See Is what You Get…Today!

42 years old now, Edwin left his family in Ohio at age 8 – when his grandma took custody of him and brought him to Baltimore.

While he loved grandma and she loved him, drugs and jail became a way of life for Edwin over the next 25 years. It eventually brought him to HUM…18 months ago.

By the time he arrived, Edwin was ready to get serious with his life and recovery. Now clean and focused, one of his good qualities really began to shine – his work ethic.

We’ve been able to count on Edwin to not only do his work well, but supervise the work of others here on campus, also. Upon graduation he chose to continue for a while living and working here as a graduate intern.

While still an undergraduate here, Edwin decided to participate in our dental program made possible through a partnership with University of Maryland’s School of Dentistry. He got a new set of teeth that just shine when he smiles – and Edwin does that a lot these days!

For his HUM graduation, Edwin’s mom, stepdad and aunt came from Ohio to be with him. Last week, 6 months later, he took a long weekend to go back to Ohio and visit everyone. His first trip back since age 8 – and saw many he hadn’t seen since then.

All were glad to see him looking so health and smiling so broadly – but few actually knew the road Edwin has taken to get there.

It’s amazing how much can change in a person’s life. And, sometimes, it’s hard to believe that the person we know today used to be a very different person!

Jesus really does make a difference!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director