Judge Forced Roy To Leave Jail!

Roy, 40-something, struggling with addiction and homeless, wound up incarcerated in a local jurisdiction. When he’d finished his sentence – in the middle of our winter cold spell – he had no place to go.

The judge before whom he appeared understood his plight and said they’d hold him until they could help him find somewhere to go. Roy was relieved and grateful to just stay right there.

But someone in the legal system noted he’d completed his sentence and was being imprisoned illegally – Roy’s civil rights were being violated and the judge must release him!

He was called again before the same judge who acknowledged he was being held “illegally” – and declared he’d be release the next day. With nowhere to go and zero possessions, Roy was desperate.

Returning to his cell, Roy sat on the edge of his bunk with his head in his hands and said, “Oh God, what am I going to do?”

In less than an hour, he was called out of his cell again. A counselor had “randomly”(!!) picked up Roy’s folder and saw he was being released the next day with no place to go.

She asked if he wanted help finding somewhere and he said YES!

“Do you mind if it has a spiritual focus?” Roy responded with a big NO!

She said she’d meet him at the gate in the morning and also said she’d bring some of her son’s clothes and shoes to help him get started.

The next morning she picked him up and had him at Helping Up Mission for AM intake. Before lunch that day Roy sat on the edge of his new bunk…reflecting on the past 24 hours.

Looked like God listened to him…and other people listened to God!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director