Proverb for the Day 4:3-4 — I’m telling You What My Dad Told Me!

When I was a boy in my father’s house, still tender, and an only child of my mother, He taught me and said, “Lay hold of my words with all your heart; keep my commands and you will live
Solomon tells to his sons (:1) to listen to what he had to say to them – because he’s offering good advice and because it will help them in their lives (:1-2). In our verses he also tells them about the things his father, David, told him growing up (:3).

Solomon said his father told him, “Lay hold of my words…keep my commands.” A good dad should have meaningful and valuable things to say to his kids…and we would do well to listen.

What David told Solomon was that he needed to do this “with all your heart.” What he offered was important advice and should be conscientiously applied in our lives.

David added that paying attention to what he said “you will live.” Taking advantage of good advice might just keep us alive. It can certainly help us live better.

But…I know a guy in recovery who had a 12-Step home group and a 12-Step sponsor in addition to a home church and a spiritual mentor. He also was in counseling with a mental health professional — and all these folks were great sources of proper guidance.

Yet my friend still relapsed. All the best advice in the world won’t do us any good — if we don’t seriously and conscientiously apply it in our lives…one day at a time!

Postscript: Happy to report my friend did regroup, is back in recovery and, hopefully, is listening and applying!