April 28 – Peace In The Midst Of Chaos

Dear HUM Family,

In the past 24 hours, calls and e-mails are coming to Helping Up Mission (HUM) inquiring about the safety of our men, and offering prayers for protection in the midst of the rioting, looting and fires in Baltimore. While police, firefighters and National Guard are working to bring order to the streets, God has blessed us with a hedge of protection and, thankfully, all is peaceful at HUM. So far, our neighborhood has not had any incidents. And we want you to know that we are taking proper precautions to ensure the safety of our men, staff, volunteers and visitors.

Because of your faithful support, HUM is able to provide several programs and services, most notably our one-year residential Spiritual Recovery Program, for 500 men who are here to get the help they need to overcome their struggle with poverty, homelessness and chemical addictions. Thankfully, because of their faith and the peace of God in their lives, their struggle to overcome is not being waged through destructive means. Rather, they are feeding their lives with positive, life-transforming ingredients and helping one another achieve their life recovery goals in a true spirit of brotherly love, compassion, and kindness.

Here in our Historic Jonestown neighborhood, where HUM is located, the crime rate is low in comparison to other places within the city – and it is no different today. The streets are kept clean, and peaceful. This is because of the daily work and presence of the HUM men who are committed to giving back to the community. The contrast is striking – the chaos of the trouble spots in the city and the orderliness of HUM.

All of us at HUM – staff, volunteers and program members are joining all of you in a prayer chain for reconciliation and peace for our beloved city.

May our Heavenly Father grant us all His Grace and Peace!

Robert K. Gehman, Executive Director