Back To Where They Came From…All Good!!!

Andy and Tommy both stopped by my classroom last week. Their stories are similar. Both are in their late 20’s and both struggled with chemical addiction.
Both guys also used a wide variety of drugs. Different ones at different times in their lives — and neither could stop using.
But their lives were very different:

Andy grew up in the country; Tommy in the suburbs.

Andy grew up with a family of addicts — still using today; Tommy didn’t.

Andy grew up with very little — Tommy had pretty much what he wanted growing up.

Andy’s addiction had him living in and eating out of dumpsters — Tommy was able to keep going to work and functioned every day.
Both needed help and, in each both case, someone got them to Helping Up Mission for our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program.

Both Andy and Tommy bought in to what we do here and were willing followed suggestions. Andy came first and was the initial person Tommy met when he arrived. They bonded from that day.

Andy graduates this month, Tommy in 6 months.

Both are working now and, with job schedule changes, each independently walked into my classroom the same day.

Guys around here always say it’s good to never forget where they came from. So they stop by class to listen, share and offer a shot of hope to the new guys now sitting there!

We’ve got a couple hundred more just like Andy and Tommy here on our campus today!
Pray for them both — and the couple hundred other guys! We know what works and we know it will work for them…
…One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director