Spring 2015 – Focus On Recovery

In the old Dickens classic, a Christmas Carol, Scrooge tells the ghost of Christmas present that he is too old to change. Go redeem some younger person.

Well, every now and then a “youngster” like Ambrose graces the halls of the Mission with the full hope of redemption. Ambrose is 74 years young.

“I started using (drugs) at the age of 16,” recalled Ambrose. “Even though I grew up in a spiritual home, I was curious about the feeling. I did things I knew were wrong. And I got used to the wrong thing for a long time.”

But, Ambrose was told to keep praying. So he kept praying. Even when things stayed bad, he kept praying.

“I couldn’t stop on my own.  I asked Jesus to save me from this poison,” he said. “I went through five overdoses. I confessed. And, the God that was always there breathed, His life into me.”For nearly 6-months, Ambrose has allowed God to work in him and through him at the Mission. And this young oldie can’t help but breathe life into the place with his infectious smile.

“I look in the mirror and I like what I see, “he said. ” I’m looking forward to spending time with my family – my grandchildren and great grandchildren whom I always ran away from in my shame.”

“Now, said Ambrose,” life is beautiful. It’s never too late.

Mike Rallo
Director of Spiritual Life