Are You Your Lawyer?!?!

Last week, I walked into my 8AM class and Mark was sitting there in a suit and tie. Around here guys only dress like that when they have a job interview, are going to a funeral or court!

And he was looking fine!

It was court for Mark that day. He shared how he’d worked through his emotions about the events leading to this court date and how he was as comfortable as he could be with what God would do that day in court.

We prayed for him and sent his on his way. As he was leaving, Mark proclaimed our “mantra” around here – “I’m going to be as Honest, Open and Willing with God and people as I know to be.”

Then he was gone.

The next morning in my 8AM class — there was Mark, again! With a big smile he shared what happened at court yesterday.

When he walked in and sat up front, someone from the State’s Attorney’s Office came over and spoke to him. He looked so good, they thought he was Mark’s lawyer!

Then they had a pow-wow about his case. The prosecutor said evidence suggested he couldn’t have done the things the plaintiff said he did — the police found him so passed-out drunk that would have been impossible!

Other discrepancies in their story had also been identified. Mark said the hearing went quick…and the charges were dropped! They were also considering whether to file charges again the other person for giving false testimony.

They told Mark that whatever he was doing was working — and he needed to keep doing it!

Almost 50, Mark’s been making major progress in his recovery here at Helping Up Mission. He’s sold on this Honest, Open and Willing stuff, too!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director