Heroin Epidemic in Baltimore…in John’s Life!

John’s first drug was alcohol, which he obtained from older friends at age ten. He started smoking marijuana on weekends at thirteen.

Chemicals continued to be a significant part of his life all through high school. Still, bright and gifted, John got a part-time job in telecommunications during those years. After graduation, he took a full-time position in the field.

But a turning point in his life came when John got all four wisdom teeth pulled at once and was given a prescription for painkillers. He took pills as prescribed – and really enjoyed how they made him feel!

John felt like he had lots more energy and was…well, invincible! When he couldn’t get any more by prescription, he learned how to buy them on the street. In just a couple of months, he needed them every day.

But these pills were pretty expensive! So, someone introduced him to heroin. John found that it was cheaper and worked even better!

Five years of heroin addiction, seven rehabs, numerous lost jobs and a totally-alienated family later — 25-year old John wound up at Helping Up Mission for our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program.

He was ready to work at his recovery and settled in here pretty quickly. Clear thinking began to return and John regained his passion of life and career. Family also began to reconnect.

John’s now entering the final phase of our Program. He’s also using some of his skills here — even developing a few new ones!

At 25, spiritual recovery is working for John and he has plans for his future. He wants to get some formal training and certifications in his field.

But I think he understand how it will have to work…

…One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director