No Career, No HS Diploma, No Family, No Teeth!

Jerry, 50, spent over 20 years in drug addiction. He never received his high school diploma, was never able to get a meaningful career started, alienated family and managed to lose all his teeth!

But the good news was — he didn’t want to keep living that way! He went to a 28-day recovery program and finished. But Jerry knew he needed more if he was going to stay clean, let alone actually make any real changes in his life.

So the rehab suggested he come here and, with a month clean-time under his belt, Jerry showed up for our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program in October 2010.

Wanting to be different, he was focused and started working on himself. When eligible, he started working toward his High School diploma. He also enrolled in our dental program — Jerry wanted it all!

He graduated our Program in October 2011, received his State of Maryland High School diploma in November 2011 and got a full set of new teeth in December 2011! That was a great year for Jerry.

But he wasn’t done! Continuing to live on campus, Jerry decided to enroll in college. He graduates this spring with a degree in Human Services!

So this summer, at age 55 and after close to 5 years at Helping Up Mission, Jerry is moving back home — a man with a plan!

One course in a local college there will give him what he needs for trainee status to start working as a substance abuse counselor. He’s also making contacts there to begin working in that field.

I remember his toothless smiling face when he first arrived. I look forward to seeing that full set of smiling college-grad teeth when he leaves!

I love my job!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director