Could I Do THAT?!?!

Ryan, 37 years old, has 25 years’ experience and a good reputation in his career field. Bright and hardworking, he figured he’d topped out in his promotional opportunities and couldn’t go any higher up the ladder.

He worked hard, and had skills, but Ryan played hard, too — and years of addiction finally took their toll.

When Ryan arrived here for our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program almost eight months ago, he was a bit more motivated and directed that many guys. He was a man with a plan: get and stay clean; get back to work; pay off some MVA fines and get his license back.

Along the way Ryan also had a personal spiritual awakening that has helped him keep his focus. It also helps him look at things differently today.

After meeting with our Vocational Coordinator, Ryan realized he hadn’t gone as far as he could in his field. There’s a certification that would take him off the line every day and put him in the front office.

Amazingly, while 25 years in the industry, Ryan had never considered this possibility before. His addiction and the scramble to just keep it moving every day always kept him from being able to stop long enough and see the bigger picture.

But things are different now. Ryan’s smart enough to do it. He’s motivated and this is the time in his life to get this done.

Hopefully, by the time Ryan graduates from our program next fall, he’ll also be ready for that certification test. He said, “Then I’ll be the guy giving the estimates, standing around talking on the phone!”

It’s not been an easy year for Ryan being here, but things can sure be very different very soon!

Literally…One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director