God Wouldn’t Let Him Stay in His Stupor!

I’ve known Jack for eight years. We met in church and he came to a recovery meetings I ran in Frederick County where we lived.

A likable guy, Jack’s very skilled and quite successful in his field, working for some household names in his industry. But his restlessness and alcohol addiction kept him from a long and distinguished career in any one place.

While faith meant something to Jack, alcohol always overcame. It ended his marriage and alienated him from his family.

Eighteen months ago Jack quit his last job to focus on drinking. He cut off communication with virtually everyone who cared and was happy to drink himself to death.

But God knew where he lived and wouldn’t let Jack die or even stay in his stupor!

I hadn’t seen him for five years. We spoke on the phone four years ago when he was in another state, drunk and miserable. So I was pretty surprised to see Jack show up here at Helping Up Mission over seven months ago.

I honestly doubted he would stay — but, week by week, I could see something was happening in his head and heart. This was a new Jack to me!

In fact, so much changed that his ex-wife now facilitates meaningful times with him and his children. His parents and siblings are not only willing to have him back at family gatherings — they want him there.

And this 50-year old guy, who used to have a lot of money and big-boy toys, is today quite comfortable with having basically nothing. “I really don’t need anything else now,” he said recently. “God uses HUM to provide all I need.”

It’s not that either Helping Up Mission or Jack are perfect…just that spiritual recovery really works!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director