“Hate Dad For What He Did…Feel Guilty For What I Did To Dad!!!”

Craig grew up in a dysfunctional abusive home. Not able to do or say much about it, he hated his dad because of how mom was treated.

By his early teens Craig was cynical, bitter and liked alcohol. It was rebellious, felt good and helped numb his pain — for a minute!

As a grown man, Craig struggled with both drugs and alcohol. Not a happy guy, he was probably more like his father than he’d want to admit.

While never able to work through his feelings, when dad’s medical condition meant he needed help, Craig stepped up. He wanted to do right things but — in his addiction — did just the opposite.

Supposed to handle his father’s financial affairs, Craig bankrupted dad’s estate. Funds, house, car — virtually everything was gone.

Now Craig not only had this deep hatred for what dad had done to mom, he also felt the incredible guilt of “destroying my father’s life!”

It drove Craig deeper into his addiction and, when dad died virtually penniless four years ago, it didn’t ease his pain. At age 50, he’s been carrying around a pretty big load and he’s really weary.

Arriving at Helping Up Mission six months ago for our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program, Craig started addressing his personal emotions. He began thinking more clearly — and feeling better!

Recently he was ready to finally address these emotions toward dad. Craig decided to write him a letter. It took a couple days and was exhausting!

But he found relief. Craig was able to let go of things dad did, as well as forgive himself for what he’d done!

Feeling God’s calling on his life in recent years. I think, today, Craig’s getting to the place where he can begin to answer that call!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director