June 2015 Executive Director Update

Dear Friends,

“HUM is a gift from God so we get a chance to mend our lives and our relationships with others we have hurt in the past”. These are the words of Michael Knighton in our feature story but reflect the feelings of the 500 men who are in one of our programs here at HUM – particularly the 300 men in our one year residential spiritual recovery program who are struggling to overcome poverty, homelessness and addiction.

Read Michael’s story and you will get a feel for how many people in our communities become chemically dependent and lose control of their lives, their relationships and now live on the streets of our City. People don’t just decide to become drug addicts. It happens in various ways.

It is true, we are responsible for our actions and we are the result of our life experiences and some of those experiences open us up to tragic outcomes that shape our future. If we could walk perfectly in the shoes of another human being we would understand perfectly why people are where they are in their lives.

Here at HUM, we understand and have empathy for the human condition. We care deeply for the fallen in life and help them up. We believe, “but for the grace of God there go I”.

Thank you for your part in helping people up who are in life crisis. Your gifts provide HUM, which is a life saving gift for 500 men and their families. Please know your help is needed now and throughout the summer months.

God bless you all.

Robert K. Gehman Executive Director