Recovery, Surgery, Employment…A New Man!

I ran into Brad this morning as he was headed to work. He came to Helping Up Mission eight months ago because he was losing the battle with his addiction.

Drugs had worked him over pretty good and Brad didn’t feel well when he arrived. But he settled down and very quietly started doing the work of our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program.

Initially, his mind began to clear. Later his body got healthier and stronger.

But there was one medical concern that wouldn’t get better with time. From an earlier injury, Brad now struggled with a deviated septum. It affected his breathing, sleep and gave him headaches.

While chemicals gave him some immediate, but very temporary, relief, they didn’t address the problem. And as an addict trying to make it out there every day, Brad could never get around to dealing with the real medical issue.

But as an upper classman at HUM, he was able to make arrangements for the surgery. He was nervous and we prayed together the day before he went.

When Brad returned he was a changed man. He could breathe again…and sleep…and no more regular headaches!

That was two months ago and, feeling better and eligible for employment, he hit the pavement. Brad landed a supervisory position where he’d worked a few years ago.

Seeing him heading out the door and off to work this morning — he looked like a different guy! In fact, I did a double-take to see that it was really Brad!

He works long hours, but it’s in his career field. He’s also grateful and enthusiastic about life again.

I know spiritual recovery works…and it was shining all over Brad’s face this morning!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director