Stole From Family…Invited To Family Outing!

Ricky’s been at Helping Up Mission almost 6 months. He joined our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program because his drug addiction was out of control and led him to do some pretty hurtful things.

At 34, Ricky’s bright, energetic and articulate. Meeting and talking with him, it’s easy to imagine all the possible career opportunities and successes he could have.

But Ricky’s addiction always caused him to sabotage any decent shot at such opportunities. Sadly, he invested most of his energies to successfully stealing from others in order to keep his addiction going.

And, as is often the case, Ricky stole quite a bit from quite a few family members. Raised to know better, he just had to get money to keep his addiction going.

I admit it’s hard for me to believe all this about him, because the Ricky I got to know here was clean and focused on his recovery. Doing 12 Step work, he’s serious about being a different guy today.

So last week, Ricky was pretty excited to tell me about developments over the weekend. There was an extended family outing — and he’d been given a special invitation to attend!

At the outing he took the opportunity to share with them honestly about his chemical addiction and took responsibility for his actions. And, like most families, Ricky’s folks were so happy to hear about the changes in his life and accepted his honest words.

Then this week Ricky started a vocational certification training program. Our Vocational Director, who helped Ricky enroll, got a call from his instructor — saying what a great student Ricky is and we can send more like him in the future!

Ricky’s on a roll! And he can keep it rolling…

…One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director