Jonathan Left Last Friday…

Jonathan, 53, left Helping Up Mission on Friday. A veteran with military-related PTSD, he has similar struggles from being abused as a child — and to deal with all the above, he developed a chemical addiction.

Arriving here a year ago, Jonathan came to HUM via our partnership with the Veteran’s Administration — where vets can stay on our campus for an extended period while the VA helps them make long-term living arrangements.

He walked around a quiet but angry guy who desperately wanted help. Jonathan was receiving counseling from the VA and our staff — and started addressing some of his root issues.

After a few months, Jonathan wanted to stay here and participate in our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program. Arrangements were made he began attending my classes as well as continuing both HUM and VA counseling.

His big breakthrough came when Jonathan was able to verbalize what happened to him as a child. Next he decided to forgive his parents for what they did and didn’t do as he was growing up.

After that, Jonathan’s emotional outbursts were more of tears than profanities! He started to smile and feel better.

Well, Jonathan’s gone…after one year — as a graduate! Through the VA he was able to get a nice place to live on his own. He actually started his new job today and also has grant money to begin studying social work in college this fall!

God never gives up on us. We should never give up on Him — or each other!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director