Proverb for the Day 14:13 — Heartache & Grief…Laughter & Rejoicing!

Even in laughter the heart may ache, and rejoicing may end in grief.

This wise saying doesn’t tell us what to do or not to do. It simply offers a truth about life. 
While we may not realize it — or even like it — in reality “laughter” and “heartache” can go together. That’s the real world!
Our verse suggests it’s okay to laugh and have some good feelings even when there’s ache in my heart. While we may sometimes feel like we’re “betraying” someone or something because we can laugh a little — this proverb tells us it’s okay.
The second phrase may be a little sadder but is just as real — “rejoicing may end in grief.” A parallel statement, I’ll suggest this line also “ups the ante” a bit. 
The truth about life is that we can be rejoicing and enjoying things one moment…and suddenly the bottom falls out and we “end in grief.” That’s authentic living!
I think this verse is just a reminder that this is how life really goes. The world isn’t coming to an end when stuff happens and we’re struggling.

God’s still there, He still cares and He certainly knows what He’s doing! The Serenity Prayer says it this way: “Accepting hardships as a pathway to peace” (for the complete Serenity Prayer, see:

And it’s okay — even healthy and good — if, along the way, we find something to smile and even laugh about…even in the midst of heartache!