Jerry’s Granny Would Be So Proud!

Jerry, 50, was raised by his grandmother here in Baltimore. After a couple of tries at 9th grade, he dropped out of school and started working.

That’s also when Jerry started using drugs. Beginning with marijuana, he graduated to an adulthood of heroin and cocaine.

Jerry could always get a job — just couldn’t keep one! In his addiction he’d either get fired or just quit showing up.

A year ago, Jerry left the city for a geographical change in California. Of course, he took Jerry with him — so nothing really changed!

But after only two months, he was required in person for a court date back in Maryland. That’s also when, from a case manager back here, this 35-year Baltimore drug addict heard about Helping Up Mission for the first time in his life.

Back in Baltimore, Jerry came to HUM and then went to court. They sent him back here — to finish our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program.

Grandma had taught Jerry right and he knew he was living wrong…but he just didn’t know how to change things. So, now, settled back in Baltimore Jerry also settled back into the things granny taught him — and it began to click.

He started changing — supernaturally — on the inside. Jerry started thinking better, feeling better and acting better. It was a miracle!

Consequently, here at HUM, this 50-year old’s now going after that high school diploma. Today Jerry also told me about his new job — starting tomorrow — which will also afford him the opportunity to continue his education.

This just isn’t the same Jerry that grew up here in the city — but it is! Jesus sure can make a difference!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director