Old Frank — Retooled!

Frank’s been a hard working guy all his life. Most of his jobs involved work for the federal government both here and abroad — and Frank enjoyed his life.

Neither drugs nor alcohol had been a problem for Frank throughout his career. But, when his mother and two sisters all died independently — within the same month — he was devastated. Never marrying, he had no place to turn for support.

It was 2009, and now in his early 60’s, Frank started drinking — constantly. While he loved his work, he just couldn’t find any good reason to go on in life any longer.

After just two years Frank got very ill and wound up in the hospital. After treatment there, they encouraged him to come to Helping Up Mission for our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program.

Today, Frank likes to say, “HUM saved my life!” He met God here and found a reason to go on. That was four years ago.

Frank still lives on our campus in graduate transitional housing. His health is back and he feels good. In fact, at the age when most guys are retiring, Frank wants to go back to work!

Frank’s the living the antithesis of today’s Proverb (see: http://helpingupmission.blogspot.com/2015/08/proverb-for-day-69-11-ouch.html). That’s God!