Proverb for the Day 20:19 — Talk Is Cheap…But It Might Be Expensive!

A gossip betrays a confidence; so avoid anyone who talks too much

This wise saying is about words. It makes a statement of fact and then offers some advice.

The first line discusses “a gossip” — from the Hebrew term for a person who shares hurtful information about others. In this case, that information “betrays a confidence.”

So the second lines advises us to “avoid anyone who talks too much.” It’s a good translation — the Hebrew phrase noting someone who keeps opening his or her mouth!

The truth is, if we just keep talking long enough, we’ll eventually say something we shouldn’t. I ought to know, it’s happened to me plenty!

Admittedly, even though a person may talk a lot, it doesn’t automatically mean they’ll gossip and betray a confidence. But — if we talkers are honest about ourselves — many of us do tend to say too much and it can often end up inappropriate.

So this wise saying offers insights on two fronts:

First, all of us should be careful about what we share and with whom — especially confidential information.

Second, talkers should work at talking less…and listening more.

This wise saying probably won’t change the world — but it just might make our little corner a tiny bit nicer!