Did You Get That? Proverb for the Day 2:1

My son, if you accept my words and store up my commands within you 

Chapter 2 continues the focus of Proverbs 1 (:8, 10, 15) with father still addressing “my son.” This verse is the first in a series of three conditional “if”-directives (:1-4) which lead to a promised “then”-result (:5).

Our wise saying makes it clear that this son has the choice and responsibility of deciding if he’s going to “accept my words and store up my commands within you” — or not! But he should also understand that there will be benefits or consequences with each decision.

Every day all of us also have that same responsibility — who am I going to listen to and what am I willing to receive from others? There are plenty of options and an equal number of benefits or consequences based on our choices.

So today it would be really important for me to understand the value of being open to hear what others are saying, especially those who are invested in me and my success. Hear them and then decide the appropriateness of accepting and applying their advice for me at this time.

The result can have an important impact on my physical and spiritual well-being — today… tomorrow…for a lifetime…maybe, even for eternity!