Early AM Commotion in the Parking Lot!

I try to get to work at Helping Up Mission about 6:30 AM. This morning, before I could even get into my parking space, ’15 HUM grad Daniel rolled up on me.

He leads our overnight campus security team from his motorized wheelchair. This morning he wanted to give me a report on things — but not about overnight incidents on campus!

Daniel just wanted to tell me how well he was doing — or more correctly, all God was doing in his life. It was sweet!

After I got out of my car, but before I could get into the building, Kenneth and Damion each stopped me to talk. Both will complete our 12-month Spiritual Recovery Program at the end of this year.

Both guys just started their fall semesters — at different colleges for different degree programs. Both were also very pleased to be able to do so and expressed their gratitude to God for all He is doing in their lives.

In each case, seeing the sense of purpose and satisfaction on of their faces was a wonderful way to start my day! In fact, now that I think about it — the day’s only gone downhill since then.

Actually, I love my job — all day long!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director