It’s Hard to Recognize Keith Anymore…

Keith, 50, came here from West Virginia. While he had good construction skills and experience, a great job and his own home, Keith managed to drink and drug it all away the last couple years.

And, that’s how he finally arrived at Helping Up Mission for our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program. He needed to do something…and was actually ready to make some changes.

Once here, Keith quietly jumped in with both feet and started focusing on his spiritual recovery. Then, things just began to happen.

He’d never earned his high school diploma — but since he wanted to stay here for the year — Keith decided to go get it. And he did!

In his addiction, Keith never really took care of his teeth and had already lost a number of them before arriving here. So — while spending this year working on his spiritual recovery and getting his high school diploma — he decided to take care of that while he was here, too. And he did!

Then at the end of that year — now a HUM grad living on campus and armed with his high school diploma — Keith decided he wanted to get some specialized vocational training.

He got a grant and went to school…and just finished his course work and received his certification. They he was offered a job in his new field!

But — still here in graduate transitional housing on campus and still having some grant money available — Keith decided to take a few more specialty courses that he believes will be helpful in the future.

That job will just have to wait a little while longer. BTW, that boss still wants to meet with Keith again this week…he knows a good thing when he sees it!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director