Kent…College Boy?!?

Last winter, Kent arrived at Helping Up Mission less than one week before his 38th birthday. He was so miserable in his 20-year drug addiction that he didn’t even want to stay out there for one more big birthday bash!

From his first day here, Kent bought into our spiritual approach to recovery and it’s brought a wonderful peace and sense of purpose to his life. Now in his final phase of our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program, Kent enrolled in college this fall to study Human Services.

On his first day, after a long public transport trip to the campus, Kent stopped in the restroom before his first class. He began feeling very uncomfortable — but it wasn’t first day school jitters.

Kent suddenly realized he’d stopped many times in this very restroom to do cocaine and heroin! Quite moved by the whole ordeal — sitting down in the chair for his first class — he realized just how much has changed in his life over the past 7 months…it felt miraculous!

In another class, a younger woman kept glancing at him. Kent recognized her…and decided to just get the whole thing over with. He told her that he used to “panhandle” outside her place of employment.

She’d always been gracious to him and helped him on occasion…so she was amazed to see Kent looking so different and sitting in one of her classes! She checks in with him every day now — to be sure he has his homework done!

Also, turns out one of Kent’s professors in another class is in church ministry and they connected from the first day!

After three weeks of college Kent has his recovery network up and running. Just might pass his courses, too!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director