Felony…Jail…Court…HUM…Job…Next Stop — College

On Friday, Brian stopped to tell me what’s happening in his life these days. But it started with the reminder that one year ago he was committing a felony which landed him in jail!

After two months of incarceration, he went to court. A total surprise, he was released!

Now Brian had a dilemma — go with his buddies or get some real help.

His bother-in-law talked to him about Helping Up Mission in the past. Now that he was free to go — with no place to go — his public defender suggested the very same place.

With friends were around, Brian decided to go that day with his sister. The next morning he was here for our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program.

It’s been nine months and a lot has changed about Brian…and for him.

At 24, a bright and capable guy, Brian’s planning to get a degree in Human Services at college…but owes some time-sensitive restitution and has a number of MVA fines. He’ll need to take care of all that before school can become a reality.

So Brian’s sister got him a wonderful job opportunity. Last month he was given the responsibility of managing the front of a local restaurant…where sis runs the kitchen.

As we talked about these past nine months, I noted how much change his sister must have seen in him and how proud she must be.

Brian responded, “My sister…I can’t believe all the changes that have happened in me and to me. I’m proud of me! HUM has transformed my life!”

Not a really spiritually-focused guy — yet — Brian will did admit that everything he’s experienced certainly has God’s fingerprints all over it.

A work in progress…one day at a time!

Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director