He Needed A Sign…

Tony, 47, grew up in Baltimore and developed over two decades of addiction, ending with cocaine and heroin. He was a good guy from a good family and had a real faith in God — but he couldn’t stop using!

Tony wasn’t afraid to work, but didn’t really do full-time jobs — just enough to get by. But a series of drug-related mishaps made it clear he needed help. Family suggested Helping Up Mission.

But Tony didn’t like full-time or long-term commitments and just couldn’t make himself take that step — even though he knew he needed help.

So, on the front porch of the family’s home — Tony was homeless at the time — he prayed and asked God for a sign…and Helping Up Mission was part of his prayer.

Shortly after he finished praying, still on the front porch, a truck drove down the street in front of the house…with a Helping Up Mission sign on the side!

Tony arrived for our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program the next day! Already having a spiritual connection, Tony — not a full-time or long-term commitments guy — jumped into our program with both feet.

Willing to take suggestions, Tony simply did what we asked him to do and he finished our 1-year Program last month. He’ll tell you it was a good year — God, family, church and his recovery were all renewed priorities in his life.

During his final phase of our program, Tony enrolled in a Computer Numerical Control certification program. He finishes that later this month.

Considering something new…completing 18 weeks of a training program…for a permanent full-time job in a completely new field — was enough to make old Tony get high!

But this Tony embraces each day and every new opportunity as his gift from God.

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director