Keeping It 100 in English Class

Kent, 38, arrived at Helping Up Mission last February with a 20-year drug addiction…and was desperate to change something!

At that cold time of the year (remember last February?) and that particular point in his life HUM’s 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program sounded like a pretty good idea!

So Kent settled in here for the long-haul. Very quickly he began addressing the issues that caused him to continue in his addiction — and Kent started finding some peace and contentment in his soul.

Last August he shared with me that he enrolled in college, studying Human Services. I shared the great story about his first day:

While college hasn’t been easy, Kent’s getting more and more comfortable with himself being a college guy. And, in appropriate settings there at school, he’s begun sharing bits of his story.

One of those times came in English class. I don’t know what Kent said, but it was enough…because his professor spoke to him privately later.

She offered her encouragement to him for being willing to talk so honestly about his life. Then she asked where he’d gone to get help. He told her Helping Up Mission.

Kent’s professor broke out into a big smile and said, “I knew it! I believe in what they do there and support them, myself.”

Another person on Team-Kent! I don’t know that he’s going to get an “A” in English this semester, but he is feeling better about himself — and his college career — every day.